There is a reason that the Quarterback is the highest paid position on any successful professional football team and I had the privilege to see exactly why coaching in the CFL. We didn’t have one in training camp or maybe we didn’t even evaluate to choose the right one and it cost us our season. The QB has the ability to control or lose a game unlike any other player on the field. It’s amazing just how few good QB’s there are at any level, yet there are some keys to becoming a great QB that evidently only a few people truly understand and utilize.

In the War Room of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers we discussed so many attributes that we needed in a QB that the list was endless. Leadership, Winning Background, Rocket Arm, Accuracy, Intelligence, Athleticism, Work Ethic….

What amazes me was how many successful college QB’s literally bombed or didn’t even get a chance to prove themselves when they got to the professional level. Graham Harrell, Andre Ware, Tim Couch, Charlie Ward, Ken Dorsey, Danny Wuerffel, Tommie Frazier, Major Harris, Turner Gill just to name a few great College QB’s that just didn’t translate their college success to the next level. 

What does it really take to get to the top of the profession and be able to make a difference? Amazingly, I believe that I have been able to find many of the physical and mental attributes necessary to play this vital position from a series of conversations with a good friend of mine in Columbus, Ohio. My search for this information took me to John Westenhaver, who has literally studied the position at the highest level unlike anyone that I have ever met. Coach Westenhaver has an uncanny ability to watch a QB at a combine and predict his chance of success in a matter of moments as it relates to the professional game.

I will give you  some additional insights regarding this topic in the future.


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Manny Matsakis