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Triple Shoot Offense – Run Game

This aspect of the offense is broken up into the Belly series, Trap series and Dive series. Our linemen work daily on their zone, veer, trap and double team blocks in order to maximize our consistency in rushing the ball.

The primary series of the offense is the Belly series, which is influenced by triple option (Hambone) and zone blocking. This was also complimented by a backfield action that I was able to glean from “Dutch” Meyers book, Spread Formation Football (albeit, he did this out of the shotgun) and some basic Wing-T concepts. The Belly series consists of the Pop Out (I have heard it also called the Jet or Fly Sweep) and the Belly Play. The key in executing each of these aspects of the Belly series is in the actual “ride” of the motion receiver by the QB and the subsequent fake or hand-off to the Superback, in order to draw attention to the potential Pop Out around the edge or the dive play to the back. Ideally, our Pop Out and Belly plays will look the same for the first 3 steps and then become the actual play called prior to the snap of the ball. There are various change-up plays that are designed to take advantage of fast-flowing linebackers and defensive line slants.

Here is a video of the Pop Out featured in a few games:

Here is a video of the Belly Play featured in a few games:

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